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Hard Chrome Plating and Repair

Hard Chrome plating is an extremely effective for treatment of a variety of metals in the refurbishment process we employ at Spindle Services. Steel, Stainless Steel and many other alloys can benefit from the hard chrome plating treatment that Spindle Services can supply. By hard chrome plating your surfaces, we can extend the life of your machine parts as part of our extensive repair and refurbishment services, giving you overall cost-savings.

Hard chrome plating, in conjunction with our extensive grinding service, gives both a protective coating on new components, as well as part of the great value refurbishment and repair service for spindles and other machine tools.

We use a low-temperature electrolytic hard chrome plating process which can deposit a protective coating of hard chrome onto a wide variety of parent surface materials, producing a hard-wearing, protective coating for years to come. Providing a protective layer of extreme hardness (up to 1,000 Hv) with a low coefficient of friction and hence outstanding resistance to abrasion, hard chrome plating is a cost-effective way of prolonging the life of your engineering components.

Preventing corrosion, aiding lubrication and providing a tough, wear-resistant surface to your engineering components, hard chrome plating from Spindle Services can tackle most jobs in our extensive workshop.

We employ the following techniques to reclaim, repair and refurbish your spindles and engineering components:

Reverse Engineering

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Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying to Reclaim Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, metal spraying is just one of the techniques we employ to extend the life of your engineering components. Spindle Services are one of the...

Boring and Bushing

Boring and Bushing Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, boring and bushing is an effective way to salvage worn bearing bores. Spindle Services are one of the leading specialists in boring and bushing to...

The engineering components we hard chrome plate include:

  • Spindle shafts and rotors
  • Wear rails and rods
  • Gear shafts
  • Bearing mountings
  • Hydraulic rams and cylinders
  • Pump Shafts & Rotors

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Spindle Services also offer a full and comprehensive jig grinding, polishing and surface treatment service that will ensure the finished product is completed to our, and your, exacting level of quality standards.

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