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Motorised Spindles Repair

Here at Spindle Services, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of motorised machine tool spindles and the quality of our attention to detail which sets us apart in the precision motorised spindle repair industry.

We offer a full service for the repair of motorised machine tool spindles. We can deal with all different makes of windings (e.g. Siemens, Fanuc, Indramat/Bosch Rexroth), and are familiar with different makers of feedback devices including Heidenhain/ Lenord & Bauer/ Fanuc Bziencoders, etc.

Upon receipt of your motorised spindle we tear it down to get a detailed assessment of the repairs required.

The repair will involve Grind/ Chrome/ grind of the ISO or HSK taper (where required) back to the original specification, checking to our master gauges. Any drawbar system is checked for pull back force prior to tear down and springs are replaced as required and then rechecked on reassembly with our pull back force meter.

The motor will be fully checked for electrical integrity and undergo full flash tests and insulation resistance tests, etc. Thermistors are checked for correct resistances. The cooling jackets are disassembled and checked for corrosion. All ‘O’ ring seals are replaced with new and the cooling system is flow and pressure tested on reassembly. Encoders are checked for functionality using oscilloscopes. Bearings journals and bores are checked for size and any discrepancies are repaired via hard chrome plating, metal spraying, boring and bushing etc. The spindle is rebuilt with new bearings and a full mechanical run test to full operating RPM is carried out. We then take vibration analysis start of life traces to ensure the bearings/ balance etc. all meet our vibration limits. A final inspection with test bars ensures that the tooling interface is good and that run outs are all within specification.

We have recently invested in our own liquid cooling chiller unit for full integrated testing of the cooling jackets, and a new 500Hz, 30 Kw AC Motor drive to allow full electrical testing of these spindle types. All this means we can provide a quicker turnaround time for your motorised spindles, rather than those spindle repair businesses that will need to outsource these parts of the job.

This includes all mechanical repairs undertaken in our own machine shop facility which also carry out, metal spraying, machining, grinding, dynamic balancing, together with the manufacture of new items to customer specifications.

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