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Oil & Gas Case Study

Spindle Services were approached by Cogsdill Nuneaton Ltd to manufacture a precision heavy duty rotary coupling to their design and specification. This type of coupling is used in conjunction with large boring machines and facilitates the automatic loading and unloading of special boring and facing heads. These are also designed and manufactured by Cogsdill Nuneaton specifically, but not exclusively for use in the manufacture and machining of valve blocks for the Oil and Gas industry.

In this instance Spindle Services worked from designs provided by Cogsdill’s client, into which we were able to provide and incorporate our technical expertise to the finished product. The expertise of Spindle Services in the design of such units also can be called upon at the initial design stages.

The assemblies were over 500mm in diameter which causes a unique set of manufacturing challenges, which Spindle Service were more than capable of overcoming. With years of industry experience in handling large diameter components and working with third parties, Spindle Services were able to deliver the finished product to the required accuracy and quality needed for oil and gas extraction components.

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