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Quality Assurance from Spindle Services

Whether it’s a new build or part of a refurbishment project, Spindle Services are committed to providing goods and services that meet or exceed regulatory standards and our customers’ requirements. We also continuously strive to improve our own quality systems and process.

All jobs are subjected to rigorous physical tests during any process we undertake on them, and before any job leaves us, it is again thoroughly tested and inspected. We are building and refurbishing spindles to within 1 to 2 microns of tolerance daily, so quality is in our nature.

24 Hour Customer Line

Should you be unfortunate to experience any problems, we offer a 24 hour customer line with call-out service and will collect and repair your spindle, offering a replacement ensuring rapid correction to reduce your machine down-time.

NAMAS Standards

We are equipped with an extensive range of measuring and inspection equipment all calibrated back to NAMAS standards. This ensures that the spindle, new or rebuilt, meets and exceeds our customers expectations.

Precision Spindles

All our fitters are time served craftsman and specialised in the field of Precision Spindles. Their attention to detail ensures our customers receive the best in precision spindle workmanship. Their ability to work to microns guarantees the customer a longevity and accuracy unsurpassed.

Spindles are ‘run-in’ and then given a full 8 hour run test after temperature stabilisation has occurred. In addition a full set of vibration signatures can be provided as a start of life baseline.

In addition we utilise tooling gauges to ensure optimum run-outs at cutting positions. e.g. 40 and 50 ISO taper gauges allowing measurement at 300mm.

During our process gauging of critical dimensions during manufacturing process – included in this is our Mercer ‘in process’ air gauging equipment for 40/45 and 50 ISO tapers.

A Computerised Production Control system ensures we meet customer delivery requirements.

Quality is a people process and all Spindle Services employees are dedicated to the utmost in providing a quality service.

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