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Spares and Service from Spindle Services

We offer a range of spare parts for existing spindles – see our inventory page for a full list of parts currently available. Alternatively, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please give us a call and we can see if we can source the part for you.


Spindle Services pride ourselves on our support and service. In addition to the full support we offer on all products we have supplied to existing customers, we also offer spare parts and support for:

  • Associated Machine and Tools products
  • Parker Majestic Spindles
  • Systematic Drill Heads
  • Dex Heads


CareersWe are currently looking to expand our skilled workforce here at Spindle Services.We have positions available for the following roles: Spindle Fitter CNC Lathe Turner/ Setter If you are...

Spindle Inventory

Spindle Inventory Spindle Services, has a range of stock spindles that are available for purchase. Contact us to find our more about any of the spindles shown below. Call us on +44 (0)24 7663 7771...

With every job that we undertake we offer the following levels of service:

  • Full warranty from 18 months of date of supply OR 12 months from installation in end-users work on OEM products.
  • 6 month full warranty against our workmanship on all refurbishment jobs timed from return of spindle

Spindle Services offer a range of different on-site services, such as stores survey and stores maintenance, as well as on-machine checks to establish the condition of your spindle. This includes:

  • Vibration analysis equipment which can take traces of the bearing condition. We can analyse the information provided and report on problems accordingly. Vibrational analysis can be used as a comparative tool across multiple machines and enables ordering of spindle condition. With repeated readings at regular intervals, we can build up a good picture of potential problems before they happen.
  • We have a full range of spindle taper gauges and test bars covering the A2 range of Lathe tapers, the ISO/BT/DIN range of milling tapers and the HSK range of tapers. Test bar accuracy is an important tool in establishing a spindles machining accuracy capability.
  • Axial end float checks which establish and check the bearing stiffness of a spindle. This can show whether spindle bearings are starting to wear when compared to the bearing manufacturer tables, as well as checking preload and original build quality.
  • Noise checks using decibel meters
  • Temperature checks using contact thermometers
  • Speed checks using hand held Tachometers
  • Checking of T.I.R’s using micron clocks.

Before visiting your site and machining operation, we would need to know which spindles we are to review and for general arrangement or cross section drawings to be supplied with bearings identified. This will enable us to arrive with the correct equipment for the spindles in question.

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All work we carry out is covered by our relevant warranties but if you are also interested in the above range of service we offer, please call us on +44 (0)24 7663 7771 or email us sales@spindleservices.co.uk to discuss how Spindles Services can help your machining operation run more smoothly.

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