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High volume modern manufacturing systems can lead to a significant number of products that fail the exacting levels of quality control that exist today. These products often contain expensive, complex components that can be difficult and expensive to extract and reclaim.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services from Spindle Services Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principals of a device or system through analysis of its structure, function...

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating and Repair Hard Chrome plating is an extremely effective for treatment of a variety of metals in the refurbishment process we employ at Spindle Services. Steel, Stainless Steel...

Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying to Reclaim Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, metal spraying is just one of the techniques we employ to extend the life...

Boring and Bushing

Boring and Bushing Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, boring and bushing is an effective way to salvage worn bearing bores. Spindle...

At Spindle Services, we offer a comprehensive reclaiming and enhancement service that makes the reclamation of these components practical and cost-effective. You are then able to put these reclaimed components back into use, reducing waste and lowering production costs.

Depending on the state and type of component being reclaimed, we have a variety of repair and refurbishment skills that we can use to get it back into working order as soon as possible. From metal spraying, hard chrome plating and other surface treatments, to reboring and reverse engineering to get your machine tools and spindles back into working order.

Typical applications of component reclamation would be the recovery of expensive components with localised wear. In this case we would enhance worn areas with more durable materials.

The facilities at Spindle Services allow us to handle up to the biggest of jobs, our specialist area for rapid tear down, inspection and recovery gives us the ability to get your components back into production as soon as possible, all carried out with meticulous attention to quality of production and service.

We employ the following techniques to reclaim, repair and refurbish your spindles and engineering components:

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