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Valve Seat Grinding Case Study

Over the years Spindle Services have handled hundreds of different spindle projects for a varied number of industrial clients and sectors; from the aerospace industry to oil exploration in the most remote parts of the planet, and from Formula One to Ford Focus cars.

Spindle Services work closely with one of the worlds leading Valve Seat Grinding machine manufacturers providing a full set of grinding spindles for Earlsdon Technologies VSG range of machines.

The spindles include a 4.0Kw, AC induction motorised, 110mm precision angular contact bearing, grinding spindle, fitted with a Schmitt internal wheel balancer also incorporating all required wheel adaptors and wheel guards. The spindle can run conventional or CBN wheels with a maximum speed rating of 4500 RPM

The Collet Chucking spindle for holding the valve has been developed with Earlsdon Technology to incorporate Pneumatic Clamping (using Rohm cylinders), a pneumatic ejection system and length adjustment to cover a range of valves. The spindle incorporates its own belt drive system incorporating a servo drive motor to the end users specification – options are available for Siemens, Fanuc, Allen Bradley etc.

The Diamond Roll Dressing spindle is a compact unit packing a big punch for its size. A direct drive servo motor is coupled via a KTR flexible coupling to provide continuous roll dressing of the grinding wheel.

Spindle Services have supplied hundreds of these spindles to Earlsdon Technology and have worked in partnership to make Earlsdon’s machine the World Class player that they are.

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Spindle Services and our staff have supplied, designed and been involved in many different projects. Whether it be Special Purpose Machines or General Purpose Machinery we will almost certainly have the experience required.

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