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Spindle Services Assembly Facilities

Our time served Machine Tool Spindle Fitters are experts in their trade and used to working to micron tolerances. As a result of this we can open up our assembly facilities for sub-contract assembly work for machine tool related projects.

Find out more about the facilities we have at Spindle Services that make us the UK’s leading Precision Machine Tool spindle company, offering both the design and manufacture of machine tool spindles and a full refurbishment service:

Adjustment Shop

Spindle Services Adjustment Shop All our workforce are fully trained, time served, machine tool fitters. Their craft is building spindles and the quality of the end product is based on their craftsmanship and years of extensive experience. Find out more about the...

Machine Shop

Spindle Services Machine Shop Spindle Services machine shop is at the heart of our spindle business. Continued investment in state of the art machinery coupled with time-served, skilled machinists ensures we continue to produce high quality components for our...

Examples of this over the last few years include a test rig for Motorsport Clutches running at up to 20,000 RPM, Dynamometer test rigs for use on Hot Engine test stands and most recently a micron accuracy carriage assembly for grinding of optical mirrors.

Our inspection procedures, checking procedures, extensive gauging and calibration capabilities allow us to offer a thorough and cost effective precision assembly environment and can work with machine builders/ designers to ensure that their engineering solutions will work effectively at the assembly stage to achieve the desired end result.

Our engineering expertise allows us to carry out detailed analysis and inspection of individual components as they are supplied to ensure firstly that they meet the drawing requirements and then, as they are assembled into the build, to ensure they meet their intended task. Recommendations and future improvements are fed back as we go along to complete the engineering loop.

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