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Spindle Refurbishment from Spindle Services

Spindle Services offer a premier Spindle Repair and Refurbishment programme at competitive rates. The refurbishing of spindles is one of the things we do best; we’ve been reconditioning and repairing CNC, transfer line and machine tool spindles for over 50 years and work hard to make sure that you receive the best quality service, tailored to meet your needs, including:


  • Detailed teardown reports giving precise analysis of the cause of failure
  • Reverse Engineering (and the provision of drawings if required)
  • Repair of shafts via Metal Spraying using Plasma Metal spraying facility

CNC Spindles

CNC Spindle Refurbishment from Spindle Services Spindle Services has years of experience in the refurbishment and manufacture of different styles of Machine Tool Spindles and High Speed Spindles for...

Machine Tool Spindles

Machine Tool Spindle Refurbishment from Spindle Services Spindle Services has years of experience in refurbishing spindles from all types of machine tools. This wealth of engineering know-how allows...

Motorised Spindles Repair

Motorised Spindles Repair Here at Spindle Services, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of motorised machine tool spindles and the quality of our attention to detail which sets us apart in the...

Transfer Line Spindles

Transfer Line Spindle Refurbishment from Spindle Services Spindle Services and its direct predecessors, have designed and manufactured thousands of spindles for the Special Purpose and transfer Line...

Spindle Component Reclamation

Spindle Component Reclamation from Spindle Services High volume modern manufacturing systems can lead to a significant number of products that fail the exacting levels of quality control that exist...

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services from Spindle Services Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principals of a device or system through analysis of its structure, function...

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating and Repair Hard Chrome plating is an extremely effective for treatment of a variety of metals in the refurbishment process we employ at Spindle Services. Steel, Stainless Steel...

Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying to Reclaim Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, metal spraying is just one of the techniques we employ to extend the life...

Boring and Bushing

Boring and Bushing Engineering Components When looking to refurbish your spindles or any other engineering component, boring and bushing is an effective way to salvage worn bearing bores. Spindle...
  • Repair of seal diameters via Ceramic spraying (Chromium Oxide or Aluminium Oxide)
  • Repair of housings via boring/ bushing or Cast Iron Metal Spray or Molybdendum metal spray
  • Repair of white metal bearing spindles via white metal plasma metal spraying, finish machining and scraping as required
  • Replacement of all bearings and seals with new
  • Full Run Test until temperature stabilisation has occurred
  • Start of Life Vibration Signatures where requested
  • Vibration Analysis fault finding
  • Ballscrew reballing and support unit reconditioning service
  • Emergency breakdown service with 24-hour call out with door-to-Door collection and delivery service
  • Full inspection prior to shipment
  • Download our fast facts PDF on Spindle Repairs from Spindle Services.


Spindle Services offer a fast, efficient, cost-competitive refurbishment service with an unrivalled quality in bringing your spindle back to original OEM tolerances and getting your machine back into production as fast as possible, saving you time and money.

The list of spindles repaired, reconditioned and refurbished by us is endless. However here’s a short list of the main types of spindles we handle regularly:

  • CNC Machine Centre Spindles
  • CNC Lathe Spindles
  • Internal Grinding Spindles
  • External Grinding Spindles
  • Grinding Wheelheads and Workheads
  • High Frequency Grinding spindles
  • Motorised spindles
  • Fine Boring Spindles
  • Milling Spindles
  • Multi-Spindle Drill Heads
  • Tapping Heads
  • Ballscrew support Units
  • Centreless Grinding Spindles
  • Hydrodynamic Spindles
  • Cluster Spindles
  • CNC Wood Routing Spindles

Read more about the repair and refurbishment service we offer for the following spindle types:

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