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OEM Spindle Solutions

At Spindle Services, we are used to working with OEMs from a variety of industry sectors. We are familiar with the unique pressures they face from their clients. We strive for excellence in supporting the OEM market and are always sensitive to the demanding market conditions.


We can help your business develop, design and supply machinery to manufacture all sorts of components from television screens to engine cylinder blocks.

Our design library is extensive with records going back over 50 years. During this period we have designed and manufactured spindles for applications as diverse as boring out nuclear fuel rods to the grinding of missile fins.

Many OEM’s have their own spindle designs. Spindle Services can manufacture to these designs or by utilising our own library and experience, assist the OEM in improving and enhancing the designs.

An example of our recent OEM Spindle design and assembly work is shown here. The picture shows a 4500 RPM, Collet chucking lathe spindle assembly, with internal pneumatic ejector and rotating hydraulic cylinder, for high speed production of Aerospace Fasteners. Designed in conjunction with Earlsdon Technology and assembled at Spindle Services.


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Manufacture to Customer Design

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